Like air, the internet is an invisible force surrounding us all. Although while we cannot see it, the vast majority of us rely on it with just the same amount of urgency as we do with those precious molecules of oxygen which keeps us all alive.

And just like air, we all have this blind trust in it. A trust that slowly and peacefully masks reality to us all. As most of us hold so much trust in it, civilization on a whole is now based on these invisible and fragile strings that tie us all together. Waking up with it no longer there is simply not an option.

In fact, as human beings we have managed to create our very own parallel universe. A place where communication, trade, entertainment and sharing information all take place.

Each day we all constantly live on the very edge between these two worlds, jumping back and forth between the physical and the digital, slowly blurring the lines between the two.

This exhibition is an attempt to shed light on this particular transition which we have all become so familiar with.